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An NCR pad printing service in Shropshire that delivers – in triplicate!

Who says we live in the paperless world? We’ve had lots of orders recently for NCR pads, or duplicate and triplicate pads, as they are also called.

We’ve just finished an NCR pads printing job for a new client in Telford, a haulage contractor.

The A5 NCR pads (NCR stands for No Carbon Required, by the way) are being used as waste transfer duplicate pads and are a 3-part NCR set.

There are 50 sets to each NCR pad, they’re sequentially numbered, with vertical perforation and were finished with a boardback, wrap-around writing shield and cover.

These types of duplicate or triplicate sets and NCR pads are ideal for transport companies, haulage contractors, purchase orders, sales orders, receipts, job pads, or any use where different copies need to get to different departments.

For more information about a cheap NCR pads printing service, that gives you excellent quality and service, contact us on 01952 884556 or by email [email protected].


NCR sheet NCR sheets are available in these standard colours: white, pink, yellow, green and blue