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Eliminate Cheque Fraud with Shropshire Printing

Shropshire Printing are experienced in meeting the demands of companies requiring documents of a financial nature such as company and corporate cheques.

As cheque security is paramount various anti alteration protection schemes are in place, such as specialist papers, hologram overprinting to prevent tampering, watermarks and solvent and aqua inks. Shropshire Printing will only use suppliers that are APACS accredited and print cheques to a minimum of Standard 3.

Cheques can be supplied as company cheques, cheque books, personalised cheques, continuous cheques, A4 cheques and cheque remittances (with or without sprockets) with your company logo.

Shropshire Printing can also provide you with a first class design service. We will work with your bank on your behalf to ensure that your cheque design is approved, avoiding unnecessary costs and delays.

For further information email  [email protected] or call 01952 884556.