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About the Knife Angel

The Knife Angel is an impressive sculpture made from more than 100,000 knife blades which aims to raise awareness of knife crime in the UK and to help stop people carrying knives.

The Angel was created by the British Ironwork Centre by sculptor Alfie Bradley and is made from knives collected as a result of working with police forces and introducing knife amnesties across the country.

The sculpture is dedicated to the victims of knife crime - a number of the blades carry the names of knife crime victims, inscribed by their loved ones.

did_you_know-knife_angeldid_you_know-knife_angel 27ft high - 100,000 Knife Blades

How to Get There

The Knife Angel is in Southwater Square, which is a couple of minutes walk from Telford Shopping Centre and Telford Town Park.

Dont forget we are only over the road.
By Bus

By Car

Please input postcode TF3 4BZ which will take you to the Southwater multi storey car park, conveniently located on the entrance of Southwater and Telford Shopping Centre.

By Train

By Bus

Telford Central Bus Station is a 5 minute walk from Southwater. Just cross the main road and head into Southwater.

By Car

By Train

Telford Central Train Station is a 10 minute walk from Southwater. Just head over the footbridge towards Telford Shopping Centre and then through Southwater.


Find out more at www.telfordknifeangel.com