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Fantastic deals on outdoor flags from Shropshire Printing

Throughout June and July Shropshire Printing are offering great deals on the Zoom Grande Feather and the Zoom Grande Quill.

Both flags offer the same graphic height at approx 4.6m and are made of 115g polyester and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Step 1: Choose either the Feather for £169 or the Quill for £150

Step 2: Add the common pole system price to your chosen graphic price (same for both shape flags) at £22.

Step 3: Add the cost of your chosen base to give you your total offer price
Zoom Grande Cross Base at £29.00
Zoom Grande Square Base at £29.00
Zoom Grande Ground Spike at £23.00

Zoom Weighting Rings are also available at £8.00

Quotes are exclusive of delivery and vat and are valid for orders placed before 31 July 2011.

For further information find Shropshire Printing at www.shropshireprinting.co.uk or contact Lindsay Hill on 01952 884556.


Zoom Feather Flag Zoom Feather Flag