It’s all in the presentation.

Voucher cards are a thoughtful way of presenting vouchers – as a reminder of the brand, a simple thank you or a special offer code or saving.

Customers love voucher cards – they’re just like greeting cards, but can be perforated with a tear-off voucher panel.

Voucher cards can be printed on a variety of stocks but our online version is printed of a 400gsm silk artboard.

Voucher Cards come in two popular sizes –  297 x 148mm or 210 x 420mm – but can be printed at any size – just get in touch.

Our Voucher Cards are printed in full colour and supplied flat.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paper do you use to print Voucher Cards?

Whilst we can print to your specification, our standard paper stock is 400gsm silk.

Silk is a very common paper stock that produces excellent vibrant print finish that you can still write on.


Can you help with the design of my Voucher Card?

Yes. Our design team can help bring your voucher card ideas to lift – chat to us further on what you are trying to achieve or would like your voucher card to look like?


Do printed Voucher Cards attract VAT?

Yes – Voucher cards are standard rated. This means we have to add VAT on to the print price.