Make a statement with the ever-popular printed roller banner, the most cost effective and simple of exhibition options.

Excellent at trade shows or even as a backdrop in your office or reception, there’s a lot of space to get your point across, and with a simple pull-up mechanism and free bag with each banner, they’re easy to transport to your next show.

Standard roller banners are printed on a durable scratch resistant PVC

We’ve listed many of the standard roller banner size options below, but you can always drop us a line to discuss.

Our printed roller banners (Some people call them Pull up banners or Banner Pull-ups) are simple and quick to assemble or put away.

800mm / 850mm wide Roller Banners

1m, 1.2m 1.5m wide Roller banners

Premium roller banner – 850mm or 1000mm

Desktop Roller Banners – A3 or A4

Transparent Roller Banners

Double sided Roller Banners

Shropshire Printing 800 x 2000mm premium roller banner
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Roller Banners For Every Environment

Standard Roller Banners

Standard roller banners have swing out feet and can be assembled in under 60 seconds

They are 2m high and come in two standard widths of 800mm or 850mm

Supply artwork with 3mm of bleed all around but no need for crop and bleed

Includes free roller banner carry bag. Also known as Pull up banners.

Finished Size –  Artwork Size (with bleed):

  • 800 x 2000mm (806 x 2006mm)
  • 850 x 2000mm (856 x 2006mm)
Shropshire Printing 800 x 2000mm standard roller banner 1

Premium Roller Banners

A sleek, more robust roller banner, the premium base has an integral cassette base, so no need for swing out feet.

They come in three standard widths – all 2m high – 800mm wide, 850mm wide and 1000mm

Finished Size (Artwork Size with bleed):

  • 800 x 2000mm (806 x 2006mm)
  • 850 x 2000mm (856 x 2006mm)
  • 1000 x 2000mm (1006 x 2006mm)
Shropshire Printing 800 x 2000mm premium roller banner 1

Large or Wide Roller Banners

When 800mm or 850mm wide is not quite enough. Go Wide!

We’ve got 2m high full colour graphics with roller banner widths of 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m & 2m

Can be re-used for several events.

Finished Size –  Artwork Size (with bleed):

  • 1000 x 2000mm (1006 x 2006mm)
  • 1200 x 2000mm (1206 x 2006mm)
  • 1500 x 2000mm (1506 x 2006mm)
  • 2000 x 2000mm (2006 x 2006mm)

They are printed on a Banner PVC and supplied with a free banner carry bag

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Desktop Roller Banners

Small in stature but mighty full colour mini roller banners – big impact on countertops for smaller display surfaces, reception or events/exhibition.

Available in A3 or A4 banner size on a standard 200 mic banner PVC – lightweight so highly portable.

Finished dimensions of mini roller banners:

  • A4 – 335 (h) x 238 (w) x 80 (d)
  • A3 – 440 (h) x 332 (w) x 82 (d)
desktop roller banner 500x500.jpg

Clear Protective Roller Banners

Our transparent screens may be just what your looking for.

Most commonly seen in hair salons, hotels and retail establishments, they create a barrier between your staff and customers to offer additional protection from droplets. Easy to clean.

As they are housed within a roller banner cassette, they are simple to erect and easily moved to suit the needs of your clients.

These are supplied clear, without any customisation.

No need to upload any artwork on checkout

Finished clear banner Sizes

  • 800 x 2000mm
  • 1000 x 2000mm
Shropshire Printing 800 x 2000mm transparent roller banner

Double-Sided Roller Banners

Make an impact from all angles – double sided roller banners makes sure you have high impact graphics to grab people’s attention from all sides

Ideal for public spaces or busy event spaces

Double sided banner Sizes – 800 x 2000mm

Shropshire Printing 800 x 2000mm double sided roller banner 2

Fabric Banner stands

These displays stands are made up of 2 components a strong, lightweight, tubular aluminium frame and a printed fabric cover. The 260gsm ‘stretch’ fabric cover is printed on the front and reverse as

standard. Designed to fit snugly over the frame, it is secured at one edge with a zip fastening.

The fabric cover is washable, changeable, and additional covers can be ordered separately.

These display stands give you a superior presence at exhibitions and are ideal for permanent indoor office or studio props

Dye-sub printed on 260gsm 100% ‘Stretch’ polyester

Assembled size(mm): 800(w) x 2280(h)

Base plate size(mm): 800(w) x 300(d)

Full colour print on both sides

Washable at 30º with everyday detergent

Fire retardant and fade resistant

Fastens with zip

Supplied with aluminium frame and carry bag

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fabric stands
Roller Banner Frequently asked questions

What is the turnaround on printing roller banners?

We have a 5 working day turnaround on most of our standard sized printed roller banners. We normally advise a full week to be safe, but if you need it quick – we may be able to express process the roller banner printing – get in touch if it’s urgent

Are the banners suitable for outdoor use?

No – these roller banners are designed for indoor use.

Can you produce artwork for my Roller Banner?

Yes – we can help – our design team can bring your brief to life. Get in touch to discuss in more detail

Is delivery included with my roller banner?

We normally quote a price including delivery to a UK location but we can ship them further afield for you if you need. Get in touch to discuss.

Are Roller or pull up banners charged with VAT added?

Yes, VAT is chargeable (standard rated) on printed roller Banners

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