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Get Organised With Your 2011 Calendar

Shropshire Printing's range of 2011 Calendars is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising. Calendars are used by the majority of people every day, whether at home, work, school or college. A calendar is therefore a great way to make sure your company message is being looked at by your customers every day!

Shropshire Printing's Lindsay Hill said: "Everybody needs a calendar to make appointments, check dates, note reminders and of course block off holiday time - I think everyone at Shropshire Printing has one by their desk! We have started to take a lot of orders of our value range of A3 and A4 calendars in particular. Both have a large amount of advertising space at the top of each page, giving plenty of space for logos and company messages.

"The A4 version makes a fantastic Christmas present as it folds up neatly into a standard DL envelope, making it ideal for mailing out. We can supply all other shapes and sizes of personalised calendars - desk calendars, wall calendars and printed calendars have all proved to be popular as companies think of promotional gifts to give their clients."

As well as supplying a range of calendars, Shropshire Printing provide a first class service in sourcing items such as brochures, leaflets, catalogues and stationery, right through to the delivery of the County's printing needs.

For further information find Shropshire Printing at www.shropshireprinting.co.uk or contact Lindsay Hill on 01952 884556.