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A quick guide to help us answer - “How much do labels cost to print?”


Looking for Product labels, bottle labels, stickers, machine decals or help with packaging - We can help!

However – the question we get asked a lot is “How much does it cost to print labels?”

Sticker Prices depend on a number of a factors and, if you can let us know some simple information about the printed label you need – we can select the right machine and sticker to get you the best price!

So here’s your mini guide to the information we need to price up your labels


What size and shape are your printed labels?

Are they – or could they be – one of our standard size stickers for paper adhesive labels?
These are the most cost effective sizes for paper labels quantities of 100 to 5000.

We can cut to any size and most shapes but the more complex the shape – the more expensive the label. This can make bespoke printed labels expensive if you’re going for low quantity (less than 250 labels)


Are they printed in full colour or just one or two colours?

Are you looking for black and white information stickers, two or three colours for company colours or in full colour (CMYK).

Black and White or Single Colour Stickers
2/3 Colour Stickers
Full Colour Stickers



How many different designs of labels do you have?

Let us know if you want multiple designs – even small changes will mean a different set-up.

It’s normally cheaper to have greater numbers of one type but if you wanted to printed multiple designs (however different – even if it’s a small change) – we’ll find the most cost effective way for you.


How many of each label do you need?

The first one off is always the most expensive but different quantities will dictate which print machine we use and what material we use.



What will be their use?

A little insight into their use will help – if you are after a sparkling gloss finish to impress or is the sticker just added to show a part number. In short – we’d like to print your labels that are fit for purpose.

There’s no point paying for scratch proof security labels if you're adding them to a box in transit


  • Will they be touched / handled often - like a bottle label?
  • Will be fixed to a product that is working outside?
  • Do you need removeable or permanent adhesive?

p.s. Are they going on to a professional bottling plant – in which case we’ll need to know the winding direction too


Have you got print ready artwork?

We can print using your artwork – see artwork guide here.

If not, we can help pop a design together for you – be it simple typesetting of a label / sticker or something a little more creative. This will be an additional charge for a designer to make the artwork up for you but design can make a big difference in impact of your label / sticker so it’s often a worthwhile investment.

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