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Board Envelopes

Shropshire Printing is now offering a range of printed and bespoke design board envelopes. Available in a wide range of colours and in various sizes such as A3, A4, A5 and 'CD' size, board envelopes and coloured board mailers can be printed on with company logo, message or image.

Lindsay Hill, of Shropshire Printing said: "With Christmas round the corner, we are seeing our complete range of all-board envelopes, half-board or board-backed envelopes, our unique ranges of Post-Marque and Post-Kraft envelopes being ordered by a number of clients to send corporate gifts and cards. As well as new ranges of brightly coloured all board envelopes and coloured box mailers, we also offer envelopes with the capacity to hold such items as DVD's or CD's. Quantities typically start from 1000."

Shropshire Printing also offer a wide range of specialist board envelope designs and products, such as x-ray pockets and photographic wallets and envelopes enabling you to display a full colour logo or design. Finishes include full coverage colour print or embossing and varnish to name just a few. Envelopes can be made with peel and seal flaps, tuck flap or thumb-cut closing - or even no flap at all, with a window or without and with an easy open 'rippa' strip!

Shropshire Printing provide a first class service in sourcing items such as brochures, leaflets, catalogues and stationery, right through to the delivery of the County's printing needs.

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