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Custom Printed Whiteboards

Shropshire Printing is now offering a large range of custom printed whiteboards. Available on order to any required dimensions, the bespoke boards are being used in a number of very different ways; such as replacing the traditional blackboards as teaching and lecturing aids, to specifically designed and printed boards for statistics recording or as shifts boards.

Customers have found the printed boards particularly useful as general notice boards, as they are also magnetic, allowing notes or pictures to be attached. All boards are dry wipe, taking away the need to have a damp cloth or sponge at hand, and are also light to carry making them portable to move from reception to office, or study to class room.

Shropshire Printing's Lindsay Hill commented: "Since Shropshire Printing started we have continued to use bespoke printed whiteboards. We have three main boards in the office that act as a visual record for everyone to see of orders coming in and out. We also even have a smaller custom printed notice board in the kitchen that people can jot down their sandwich and drinks orders!"

One particular board that Shropshire Printing has taken a number of orders of recently is the '5S' printed board. This has come in response to an increasing demand for a visual tool to support the 5S workplace organisation process commonly used by the automotive industry. Every 5S dry wipe board is specific to the company that uses it, with various colours being used, sections colour highlighted and of course company logo.

All boards are framed and available in one or full colour -  including placement of full colour photographic images, and can be provided with a number of accessories; including dry wipe marker pens in a variety of colours, through to a range of different sized magnets.

As well as supplying a range of white boards, Shropshire Printing provide a first class service in sourcing items such as brochures, leaflets, catalogues and stationery, right through to the delivery of the County's printing needs.