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Meet the Paper Stocks


Printed in full colour on a different type of paper stock can make a world of difference to your print.


Looking for something a little different? Looking to make an impact with your print?

Paper Stocks - Shropshire Printing

So … let’s see the line up


Gold Dust (Ice Gold) - Shropshire Printing


Gold Dust (used to be called Ice Gold)

This shimmering beauty has a golden tone within the paper and bright glitter particles that adds a little sparkle to your print.

Works particularly well at Christmas or for event invitations

#GoldDustPaper #SparklePrint



Conqueor Wove - Shropshire Printing


Conqueror Wove (Cream or White)

Soft, gentle finish on this creative paper stock. Great for a corporate textured feel but still retain sharp image quality.

Choose between White or cream print.

#Conquerorwove #CreamPaper #WeddingInvites



Tintoretto - Shropshire Printing



This is a premium textured stock that’s gives your print a soft touch effect on uncoated paper.

Prints of artwork or sketches work really well on this stock

#TinterettoPrint #UncoatedStock



Mohawk Felt Cream - Shropshire Printing


Mohawk Felt Cream

Beautiful cream uncoated stock with highly tactile feel thanks to all the dimples within the base stock. We’d advise using lower ink coverage or with multiple colours out CMYK so it builds up the ink layers.

Great for invitations

#MohawkFelt #Invitations #WeddingInvitations



Woodstock Betulla Pulp - Shropshire Printing


Woodstock Betulla Pulp

Natural uncoated paper stock made out of 80% recycled materials and 20% chlorine free fibres. It’s great organic option but, like Mohawk papers, keep the ink coverage low. Works well with small, decorative pieces of design.

Colour blocks work best when light colours

#WoodstockBetulla #OrganicPrint #RecycledPrint #Uncoated



Kraft - Shropshire Printing



An interesting brown paper stock often used for menus. It’s base stock is recycled and is similar to traditional parcel wrap. Works best with single colour dark colours or with super bright blocks of colours.

One side of this stock is darker than the other

#RecycledPaper #KraftPaper