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Shropshire Printing finds alternative use for match books!

Shropshire Printing has launched, and is now supplying its latest line of unique stationery to the County's businesses; bespoke printed match books. The match book, or 'Z card', is an innovative way of presenting fold out printed information, such as monthly planners, adverts, instructions or tear away offers.

The Z cards are available in different paper weights with the fold out info sheets inside obviously being thinner than the actual card cover. Shropshire Printing can produce any number of the printed books in different finishes and in four colours, or just two colours if required.

Shropshire Printing's Lindsay Hill commented: "These novel printed Z cards act as fantastic little fold away promotional items - they are pocket or bag sized, so if you're at an event and receive one, there's no carting some large item around, you can just stick the Z card in your, well... pocket or bag!"

For further information find Shropshire Printing at www.shropshireprinting.co.uk or contact Lindsay Hill on 01952 884556.

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