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Leaflets Flyers Icons Folded leaflets

Folded leaflets

Leaflets Flyers Icons Premium paper stocks

Premium paper stocks

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Bespoke shape

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Recycled paper

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Paper Finishes


Standard uncoated paper isn’t smooth to the touch, this means the paper absorbs ink. Premium uncoated are much smoother, but not as cost effective. Uncoated paper is not coated in the way gloss and silk paper are.

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Shropshire Printing dl flyer 2pp


Gloss gives your print material a very shiny finish and can be very popular for a range of printed products. Gloss can be used for printing flyers to give it a professional ‘Glossy’ finishing. The most common areas to find Gloss finish paper is in magazines and brochures. This is typically due to the fact it gives images and other printed colours a more vivid and vibrant look.

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Silk is one of the most common paper finish for flyers. It is a mid-way point between full gloss and uncoated. Silk produces high definition print work thanks to the contrast between the ink gloss and the matt of the text and unprinted areas. This delivers you a vibrancy of your images and colours on the page, which results in being easier to read compared to uncoated due to the finish not being shiny.

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Shropshire Printing dl 4pp half folded leaflet

Paper Weights

90 – 120gsm. This is your standard paper range for stationery. It is very rarely used for print of Marketing Material, but often used for News Letters.            Letter Heads, Note pads, Compliment Slips, Paper for Printing and News Letters

130 – 170gsm. This weight is heavier, and thus more durable. It is often the go to Paper weight for a lot of Marketing material. Folded Leaflets, Flyers, thicker Compliment Slip (160 max) and Folded Menus

170 – 200gsm. This weight is in-between Paper and Card. It is more durable and thinker, but would not be recommended for leaflets with multiple folds.

200 – 350 gsm. At this weight we would class it as card. It is notably more heavy and rigid. Brochure front and back covers, Business Cards and Postcards at the heavier end

350 – 400 gsm. A rigid card that lasts in a wallet or pocket without wear and a tear Business Cards and Luxury wedding invitations

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Shropshire Printing dl 6pp z fold leaflet

Matt Laminate

Matt laminated leaflets can produce a lower contrast on dark colours, which gives a slightly softer look to your design. It is the best type of leaflets finish for protection against scuffs and scratches. It is easy to write on and it does not reflect the light.

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Shropshire Printing half fold landscape leaflet

Gloss Laminate

Gloss laminated leaflets provide a protective coating, while enhancing your design. The gloss finish reflects the light to make all colours vivid and eye-catching. A glossy finish is a good choice if you want to make your design more vibrant and the colours look richer. The colours look deeper with cleaner lines which makes the images appear sharper with an overall vibrant finish.

Gloss laminated leaflets are perfect for exhibitions. The reflection of light captures attention when they are stacked on an exhibition table. The gloss laminate offers high protection against dirt and damage. So you don’t need to worry about someone shoving your card in their bag or getting it dirty.

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Shropshire Printing slim flyer 2pp

Extra Finishes

Spot UV

Using spot UV on your leaflets you can highlight images, logos or text with the shiny clear UV coating that immediately draws attention. You can also use spot UV effectively by printing text or a logo in the clear spot UV varnish overprinting onto a matt laminate.

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Shropshire Printing square half folded 4pp leaflet


Foiled leaflets are for the discerning and create a confident, understated impression.

Simply adding text or a simple logo in foil can lift the appearance of your card and shows that you have taken time and effort in the way that you are presenting yourself. Foiled prints may look expensive but they are surprisingly affordable, they are the sort of card that people comment on and like to touch & is relatively rare and definitely are noted by the recipient.

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Bespoke Shape

Add another unique finish to your printed material with a bespoke shape.

Shropshire Printing custom shaped flyer

Should VAT be charged on printed leaflets or flyers?

Flyers are generally zero-rated for VAT however, if your artwork is liable for VAT, we will request payment before printing. Please see this guide for more information.