We are often asked how much it would be to design a logo


Let’s start with our hourly design charge of £60 + VAT as a starting point. And if there’s a clear brief – we can get one done in a little over an hour.

Some businesses want something simple put together with an strong, clear typeface whilst others require greater creative input to help their business for the next five to ten years. Investing in creative, eye-catching and impactful design now can make a huge difference to getting your business noticed in future.

The two biggest determinants are the level of creative input time and the outputs you are looking for.

Here’s a little guide to help you identify the level of costs for logo design.

Level of Creative Input?


Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four

Redraw existing logo

Create one or two simple options of a logo for your business. Create a fresh new logo for your business Greater creative research and choice of logos created.
Maybe you don’t have a high-resolution logo version of. We can also swap colours or make minor amends. Tweak and output chosen logo for future use. Great for small trades or small businesses with a clear idea of what they are looking for. Four or five logo concepts, taking one chosen design further with more colour and typeface options. All the way through to output. We’ll spend a little extra time investigating your target market. Produce a wider numbers of options for us to develop further.
From £30 + VAT to £100 + VAT
depending on complexity
Prices from £80 to £150 + VAT Typically, £150 to £300 + VAT £300 to £800 + VAT
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In terms of outputs what do you need?


  • Level One > Just draw the logo so it can be added onto a leaflet or business card. We’d supply it as a full colour hi res jpeg for use later digitally. Included in all packages. We always supply a high res logo for future use
  • Level Two > Full output of image types – jpegs / pdf / png / eps files in full colour. CMYK and RGB versions for print and digital. Optional mono or greyscale version
  • Level Three > As above but with a small brand guidelines document – listing all CMYK values and typefaces in a pdf document
  • Level Four > Full logo output with more comprehensive guidelines – from stationery design, vehicle design, promotional design work. Typically quoted depending on your needs

To get started on your company logo design call 01952 884556 or email [email protected]

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